For International Companies

INTELLISK Co., Ltd. is a company that provides machine safety services. Although we are a Japanese company, we develop support for customers who install machinery from Japan to other countries and from other countries to Japan.

Our engineers have worked as inspectors and expert agents for industrial machinery at international certification bodies such as TUV Rheinland and VDE. Therefore, we are well-versed in machine safety standards and regulations and can provide services to improve the performance and quality of your machines as well as to ensure their safety and reliability.

Our services include:

Risk Assessment: We assess the hazards and risks of your machinery and recommend safety measures and countermeasures according to ISO 12100; we can work with various formats such as Excel-based / Word-based special formats or unique application software. We also follow IEC test report formats and issue formal reports. The above allows us to comply with overseas safety standards such as CE marking and NFPA.

Engineering: Based on the risk assessment results, we design or modify the machine. We select and install machine safety and safety devices, wiring and connections, inspections, and trial runs. We verify the safety performance of machines and prepare the necessary documents and labels.

Seminars and training: We provide basic knowledge of machine safety, the latest standards and regulations, risk assessment methods, and case studies. We also offer how to operate and maintain the machines and the precautions to take. We conduct them online or offline according to your needs.

We have been asked by many global companies in the automotive, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor industries to conduct risk assessments of their robots, presses, and other machinery. We have the latest technology and knowledge to meet the safety requirements of our clients. In many cases, our risk assessment reports have become the rule for global companies, as we were the first in the world to conduct them.

We also understand Japan’s unique safety culture. Japan has a culture of respect, esteem, and trust for human beings. Because of this, machine safety measures are sometimes an afterthought. However, we can conduct risk assessments and even prepare remedial and implementation measures to satisfy the safety personnel of global companies. This is because we are a Japanese company and have traditionally followed and studied international standards and regulations (e.g., ISO, IEC, SEMI, NFPA, UL, CAN/CSA) in preparing reports.

We provide total machine safety support. When you deal with Japanese companies, your machine safety concerns are completely overcome. You save time and money. And people operating machinery worldwide can engage in their work without risk. We will do our best to ensure you and your family can happily gather together daily.

If you are interested in our services, please get in touch with us.

Thank you for reading.

Managing director, Junichi Nakagawa